PEG Modified Uricase For the Treatment of Gout

Gout is a common and complex form of arthritis that can strike people of all ages. Patients with gout often suffer from sudden joint pain with edema, red swelling and inflammation at night, and the pain will last several days or even weeks. The attack of gout is related to the concentration of uric acids in the body, and uric acid salts will accumulate in joint cavities and other places to form gouty stones, stimulating the immune system and then leading to acute joint pain.

Uricase is an enzyme for the preparation of heterologous proteins. It can promote the metabolism of uric acids and oxidize uric acids into allantoic acids so that it is no longer absorbed and excreted by the renal tubules by acting on uric acids directly. It can also act on the uric acid stones at the same time to promote its dissolution, thus it can be used for the treatment of gout. Uricase has good effect on nodular gout, urinary calculus and hyperuricemia caused by renal failure.

PEG modified uricase has the advantages of high activity, long-term efficiency, low immunogenicity, good homogeneity of drug composition and stable quality. It is capable of prolonging the half-life of uricase and maintaining its stability to reduce the content of uric acids in serum and treat hyperuricemia.

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