Octa-Polyethylene Glycol Adhesive in Transected Nerve Re-connection

Currently, the clinical re-connection of the transected nerve mainly relies on surgery suture which is a time consuming procedure that requires thorough training. A recent study revealed an octa-polyethylene glycol (PEG)-based adhesive for fast re-connection of the transected peripheral nerve. In order to improve the therapeutic efficacy, a uccinyl unit is used to enhance the controllably dissolvable property of the adhesive and lithium is loaded to improve the axonal regeneration.

The data indicated that such adhesive with good cytocompatibility can significantly shorten the reconnecting time of the transected nerve ends. In addition, histology, electrophysiological and behavior analysis demonstrated that the adhesive reconnected nerves have a low grade of fibrosis, inflammation response and myoatrophy, but robust axonal regeneration and functional recovery. In conclusion, the octa-PEG adhesive is more effective in the re-connection of peripheral nerve injury than the traditional nerve suture.

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