The Combined Application of pSar and DOTMA for Drug Delivery

Polysaccharide-based polymers, such as pSar, and cationic surfactants, such as DOTMA, are increasingly used in the development of drug delivery systems. pSar is a biocompatible and biodegradable polymer which can be used to protect drugs and other molecules from degradation and increase their solubility by encapsulation, while DOTMA, a cationic surfactant, is used to increase the stability and solubility of the nanoparticles by modifing their surface properties. Both of the polymers are capable of improving the delivery of drugs and other molecules to target sites in vivo.

Due to their ability to improve the solubility and adsorption of drugs, pSar and DOTMA can be used in combination to create a more effective drug delivery system. Another application of the pSar and DOTMA is to modify the properties of proteins, lipids and other molecules to improve their stability and solubility. In a word, a more effective drug delivery system can be achieved by the combined application of pSar and DOTMA, the two fundamental polymers.

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