4,4,5,5,6,6-Hexafluoro-5,6,9a,9b-tetrahydro-9a,9b-dimethyl-4H-indeno[5,4-b:6,7-b’]dithiophene-2,8-dicarboxylic Acid

Chemical Name:4,4,5,5,6,6-Hexafluoro-5,6,9a,9b-tetrahydro-9a,9b-dimethyl-4H-indeno[5,4-b:6,7-b’]dithiophene-2,8-dicarboxylic Acid
CAS Number:898837-09-7
Molecular Formula:C₁₇H₁₀F₆O₄S₂
Molecular Weight:456.38
Category:Building Blocks; Miscellaneous;
Applications:4,4,5,5,6,6-Hexafluoro-5,6,9a,9b-tetrahydro-9a,9b-dimethyl-4H-indeno[5,4-b:6,7-b’]dithiophene-2,8-dicarboxylic Acid is used as a reagent in the of preparation of manganese carboxylmethylthienyl perfluorocyclopentene complexes.
References:Fetoh, A., et al.: Inorg. Chem., 58, 2307 (2019)
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